| CAD and BIM Certificates
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CAD and BIM Certificates

AutoCAD and Revit Certificate Training

Earn your AutoCAD or Revit Certificate at George Brown College. Get Certified and enhance your position in a challenging job market.


Take AutoCAD classes inhouse at our award-winning facilities in Toronto or study from home with our proven online training courses in AutoCAD and Revit Architecture.


Basic and Advanced levels of AutoCAD Certification plus our complete Revit Architecture Certificate programs are available now. Start today!

AutoCAD Fundamentals Certificate

AutoCAD Course 1 - Sample Drawing Portico

This Basic AutoCAD certificate covers all aspects of 2D computer-aided drafting and design with the latest versions of AutoCAD. It also includes an introduction to basic 3D modeling concepts, ensuring that you will come away with a sound understanding of both 2D and 3D skills for AutoCAD.


These three fundamental courses are invaluable for architects, engineers, interior designers and all those involved in the production of technical drawings.



AutoCAD Advanced Design Certificate

AutoCAD Course 5 - Advanced Rendering Sample Image

This Advanced level certificate has been designed to help you fully master AutoCAD skills. It is a continuation of the AutoCAD Fundamentals Certificate program and adds two more advanced level courses.


These courses ensure that you will be fully versed in all aspects of AutoCAD, including advanced 3D modeling techniques, advanced rendering techniques and interface customization.



Revit Architecture Certificate

Revit Course 2 - Perspective Sample 1

This certificate covers all aspects of building information modelling (BIM) with Revit Architecture. Learn how to work within the BIM process to effectively create and document a full range of building types (including residential buildings, small commercial buildings and multi-storey towers with custom curtain walls).


Students will also learn how to create custom content within the Revit family editor, create conceptual massing studies, use structural tools and generate photorealistic renderings of building projects.