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Revit Courses

Online Revit Training Courses

George Brown College is one of the leading technical training colleges in North America.


For all those involved in the Architectural, Engineering, or Construction industries, we offer online training classes in the world’s leading BIM software, Revit Architecture.


Successful completion of all three levels of the Revit training courses, leads to the award of our Revit Architecture Certificate.

Revit Course 1 – Introduction to Revit Architecture

Revit Course 1 - Elevation Sample 1

This introductory level course requires no prior experience with Revit and is perfectly suited if you are new to Building Information Modeling.


If you are self-taught, or haven’t used Revit for the past 2 or more years, this is also where you should begin your training.



Revit Course 2 – Intermediate Revit Architecture

Revit Course 2 - Perspective Sample 1

This intermediate course is the second in our Revit training program. The prerequisite for this course is our level one, introductory Revit course.


If you already have basic 2D skills with a recent version of Revit Architecture and wish to upgrade your skills and continue your training, register for this course.



Revit Course 3 – Advanced Revit Architecture

Revit Course 3 - Commercial Perspective Sample 1

The third course in our Revit training program covers Advanced techniques in Revit Architecture. The prerequisite for this course is our level two, Intermediate Revit course.


If you already have excellent intermediate Revit skills with a recent version of Revit and wish to learn how to use advanced features such as curtain wall construction, timeline phasing, and design options, register for this course.